Welcome To LiteTrax


LiteTrax specializes in lightweight, personal tracked snow vehicles to navigate even the worst winter conditions.  LiteTrax vehicles are specially designed to traverse snow and ice and tackle heavy jobs with ease.  Customers use our vehicles for a wide range of difficult winter activities, including snow removal, towing, cross country ski trail grooming, tubing hill grooming, ski hill grooming, transport, search and rescue, and much more.

The LiteTrax remote access snow vehicles feature a wide base with all-terrain treads that maneuver easily over snowy surfaces of any depth.  The tracks provide superior traction while the low, wide base maintains stability over uneven surfaces and steep inclines.  A compact personal cab allows for tight turning radius and low clearance, so wooded trails and winding passes are no obstacle.  Our three product lines fulfill a versatile range of tasks and are highly customizable to suit your needs.

Learn more about LiteTrax’s various applications and check out the photo gallery to see the machines at work.  For more information on any model, or to order your own all-terrain transport, contact LiteTrax today.